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You Handle the Law — DWI Solutions Handles the Rest!

DWI Solutions is your driver's license reinstatement expert with extensive knowledge and experience, providing a specialized service to expedite the administrative requirements, saving you valuable time to work on your cases.

We pride ourselves on providing clients with options based on their individual situation and helping with all of the time-consuming and frustrating reinstatement requirements.
This saves you and your legal team significant time not dealing with the client's non-legal questions and provides a specialized service.

We also partner with law firms assisting clients with other administrative requirements such as chemical dependency "CD" assessments and treatment. We'll work with the client to complete your recommendations before or after the case is resolved providing you with status updates along the way.

Our Specialized Services:

  • Driver’s License Reinstatement (Single and Multiple States)
  • Cancelled-IPS Rehabilitation and Ignition Interlock Programs
  • Chemical Dependency "CD" Assessments
  • Alcohol Education Classes and Treatment
  • Victim Impact Panel Registration

Experience and Assistance when it Matters Most

By handling all the administrative requirements we can save you valuable time to work on your cases while providing a valuable service.

DWI Solutions dedicates an average of more than 8 hours with each client researching options, answering questions and providing assistance during the reinstatement process. We also continue to support clients working with them during and after reinstatement providing information and reminders of important dates such as replacement of "Whiskey" plates.

DWI Solutions has expanded to helping clients in more than 10 states and all aspects of driver's license reinstatement!